The Vegetarian's Guide To The World

Forking Off


For foodies, for veggies, for people who like to go globe-troffing, for people who can only go so long before they just have to fork off. Welcome to the definitive guide to travelling sans-meat and recreating all that awesome food again when you get home.


Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or om-nom-nom-nivore, what’s not to love about making a mini Malaysia (or Thailand or China or Vietnam or Egypt or Spain or, or, or…) in your very own home with ingredients you can actually find. Happy munching!

The British Supermarket

One-Stop Substitution Shop

for people who don't have the time or inclination to go hunting for unusual ingredients.


Palm Sugar - Soft Brown Sugar


Chard - Spinach or Kale


Chinese (Napa) Cabbage - Sweetheart Cabbage


Green Papaya - Raw Swede


Fava Beans - Butter Beans


Tamarind Paste - Lime Juice and Brown Sugar


Plantains - Green, Unripe Bananas


Yuca (aka Manioc or Cassava) - Sweet Potato



Fun Veggie Facts


Good Company

Some very famous names are meat-shunners; including Joaquin Phoenix, Sir Paul McCartney, Ozzy Osborne, Sinead O'Connor, Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Woody Harrelson, Ellen Page, Jared Leto, Morrisey, Darren Aronofsky and Leonardo da Vinci.


Scourge of Back-Packers

80% of food poisoning is caused by meat.


I'll Take Them Odds

Chinese people on a largely vegetarian diet consume on average 20% more calories than Americans daily, but Americans are 20% fatter.


Feed The World

1.3 billion people could be fed by the grain

that is currently being fed to livestock for meat



Rrrrr baby...

Research shows that avoiding red meat improves the sex appeal of male body odour. Now there's a veggie fact you can get your teeth into.


I Am Vegetarian

  • FRANCE: Bonjour, je suis végétarien.
  • WALES: Sut mae, yr wyf yn llysieuwr.
  • SPAIN: ¡Hola, soy vegetariano.
  • ITALY: Ciao, lo sono vegetariana.
  • GERMANY: Hallo, ich bin Vegetarier.
  • SWEDEN: Hallå, jag är vegetarian.
  • THAILAND: Sawasdi-Ka, c̄hạn mạngs̄wirạti
  • ARABIC: Salaam Alaikum, ana natbateeyah.
  • CAMBODIA: Chomreabsuor, khnhom buos.
  • LAOS: Sabaidi, khaphachao vegetarian.
  • MALAYSIA: Selamat Petang, saya seorang vegetarian.
  • MONGOLIA: Sain baina, bi tsagaan khoolton baina.

Top 5 Countries for Veggies


Some places are tougher than others for sure, but these places are let-your-belt-out awesome!


5. Israel - kosher food and falafel make this a pretty easy place for a wandering veggie.

4.Turkey - Arf, just think of all that mezze and hummus and stuffed vine leaves and roasted vegetables and, and...

3. Thailand - My home from home, lots of Buddhists means that if you can figure out how to pronounce the Thai word for vegetarian you're golden.

2. UK - Didn't see that coming did you? The UK actually has one of the most sophisticated vegetarian cultures in the world, with record numbers of meat-shunners and every establishment providing at least 1 or 2 options.

1. India - The vegetarian holy grail; there's no surprises here, what with 70% of the population following a strict meat-free diet. Mmm, masala dosa...